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The Olympian” Mark Madsen scores split choice triumph over Clay Guida at UFC Vegas 34
The Olympian” Mark Madsen scores split choice triumph over Clay Guida at UFC Vegas 34
  By 'Delightful' Bob Meloni 11 mins back UFC Fight Night: Cannonier versus Gastelum happens this evening, August 21st in Las Vegas at the UFC Apex. Cannonier is the fifth positioned middleweight and a triumph could truly toss his name in with the general mish-mash searching for a shot at the title. Gastellum likewise accepts a success will sling him back into the quarrel and the main 5. In the co-headliner, Clay "the Carpenter" Guida makes a crazy 57th excursion to the enclosure (36-20) and gets down to business with Mark "the Olympian" Madsen. Madsen is showing up and his record is as yet immaculate at 10-0. This seems to be a fascinating matchup of two men who have no issues making battles into toils and chipping away at the ground. Guida will attempt to prevent the upstart Madsen from a mark triumph and furthermore to demonstrate to the UFC that he is as yet able to do huge exhibitions in the wake of losing 3 of his past 4 battles. This is the way the co-headliner among Guida and Madsen went down, including round by round scoring from MyMMANews… Cycle 1 Keith Peterson is the third man in the octagon as the co-headliner begins. Guida comes out and handles a couple decent leg kicks. As common we are seeing bunches of development and level changes from the Carpenter. Guida by and by lands a pleasant leg kick followed by a left hand and Madsen powers a grasp and grounds a decent mix himself. Madsen two or three pleasant knees to the body and a decent left hit associates. Madsen looks extremely made as Guida keeps moving everywhere. Madsen is stacking up and tossing a few major righthands that miss and Guida returns back with a left and a right. A nearby round MyMMANews scores cycle 1 10-9 Madsen Cycle 2 Madsen goes for a twofold leg that Testogen before and after results Guida disregards and Guida lands a decent right. Decent leg kick from Madsen that appears as though it hurt. Madsen keeps on pushing ahead and Guida lands it handles a decent blend that staggers him briefly. Great knee to the body from Madsen. Both of these folks have incredible cardio and this is an exceptionally even battle up until now. Madsen punch looks great yet he's not after it up. Guida's striking has certainly improved as he scores on a 1-2. Another extremely close round MyMMANews scores cycle 2 10-9 Guida Cycle 3 Leg kick from Guida to begin. Madsen's punch keeps on being really compelling however Guida lands an exceptionally hard like kick. The two warriors trade leg kicks. Leg kick followed by a right from Madsen. We've still just seen one bring down endeavor the whole battle. The poke from Madsen is by all accounts the best strategy so far this round. Madsen pushes Guida facing the fence as we head to the last seconds of the battle. Another nearby round Khabib Nurmagomedov buys portions of Khabib Nurmagomedov, a previous UFC lightweight boss and apparently one of the best blended military craftsmen to have at any point contended inside the octagon, is currently an investor in the UFC. Try, the UFC's parent organization, as of late turned into a traded on an open market element and it was at a question and answer session in Moscow that the 32-year-old future Hall-of-Famer from Russia opened up about his new venture. MMA columnist Igor Lazorin caught the clasp underneath: "Who gave you that data? Indeed, I am now there," Nurmagomedov said. "UFC has effectively gone to IPO and I have some piece of the offers." The previous hero was then posed an inquiry about the organization's dynamic and in case there is plausible that he will be included. "Indeed, it is," Nurmagomedov said. "We examined this theme a great deal with Dana White in our gatherings. I see extraordinary possibilities for UFC. They went to IPO and they have extremely incredible possibilities." Khabib said. "I don't care for gifts. We can say that I purchased the UFC stock. This will be valid."  

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