Swimmer will get near curious shark at Western Australian seashore

Swimmer will get near curious shark at Western Australian seashore
A beachgoer in Western Australia has captured a curious shark’s enterprise amongst swimmers.

The shark, believed to be a bronze whaler, got here in near shore at Hamelin Seashore within the Margaret River area, south of Perth.

Shona Body stated she had gone all the way down to the seashore to take a look at the stingrays that flocked there, when the surprising customer popped up close to a snorkeller.

A snorkeller had a detailed encounter with a shark on a Western Australian seashore. (Shona Body)

“We’re all screaming at (the snorkeller) to get out of the water,” she stated.

Nonetheless, she stated, the swimmer appeared fairly unperturbed – at the same time as his spouse is looking for him to “get out”.

The videoframe shot confirmed the shark swimming by because the snorkeller idled within the water.

The swimmer was unperturbed by the encounter. (Shona Body)

“Apparently it was a bronze whaler,” Body stated.

“I am from Scotland, so it is the primary time I’ve seen a shark.”

Different swimmers additionally appeared sanguine about the potential for a detailed encounter, regardless of being warned by beach-goers.

Bronze whalers aren’t thought-about to be notably aggressive or harmful.

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And Body stated the encounter had “undoubtedly” not put her off having fun with the seashore.